My Journey

Firstly, welcome to my journey going from a Duffer to a golf player. The inspiration behind this actually came from reading other blogs online.

The problem I had is that they are already good golfers, just aiming to get that bit better. I’m a beginner with the bug and I know I can’t be the only one.

Statically, I have not broken 100 yet and this is my¬†first aim. To achieve this, I am having lessons 3 to 4 times a month with a gentleman called Darren Parker from Maylands Golf Club in Essex, what attracted me to go here is I didn’t have to practise on driving range mats.

I have however had lessons before, early 2016 with a different tutor. I will not be naming him as I’m sure he is a good teacher but unfortunately he just wasn’t for me.

But you will see below for my first swing when I started playing golf. I know what you’re thinking, it look’s bad. It was.



In my next few blogs, I will write on what we’ve been working on in lessons and how my swing looks now.


Thanks for reading, please leave any feedback.




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